Schedule To Watch Kecak Dance In Ubud

The most traditional dance in Bali is Kecak dance. As we know mostly traditional dance accompanied with music instrument,but this kind of dance is not accompanied with any music instrument but using their own mouth by saying “cakk..cakk..” as their music. Sounds strange,but unique.

Why Balinese Does The Cremation Tradition

Bali which is mostly Hindu, has a cremation ceremony called as Ngaben. In Bali burning corpses is a sign that family members are sincere with the departure of other family members and a purification event of the deceased person to restore the body element to the natural element.

Largest Temple In Bali

Bali is one of the must visit cities while you are in Indonesia, besides present a beautiful natural,also the majority of its inhabitants Hindus make Bali different from other tourist destinations. Bali has a variety of unique temples and cultures.

The Meaning Of Canang Sari For Hindu

Canang sari is one of the daily offerings made by Balinese Hindus to thank the Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa in praise and prayer.Canang sari will be seen in the Balinese temples , on small shrines in houses, and on the ground or as a part of a larger offering. Canang sari is also used on…

History Of The Holy Snake In Tanah Lot

In the 16th century Tanah Lot Temple was built by a brahmin who wanders from Java, namely Danghyang Nirartha who succeeded in strengthening the belief of the Balinese population of Hindu teachings and building Sad Kahyangan, but Tanah Lot ruler named Bendesa Beraben felt jealous of him because his followers started going To follow Danghyang…

Mekotekan Tradition

The Mekotek or Ngerebeg ceremony is held on Saturday Kliwon Kuningan or on exactly the same day with Kuningan day celebration, which is hel every 210 days. The term “mekotekan” came from the parade and the war-like-play, using a stick which is hit or beaten to the other stick and produces the sound “tek..tek..tek…” This…