Tourism Culture Department of Klungkung Get Ready to Semarapura Festival

nusa penida fesTourism Culture Department of Klungkung expressed readiness to work on the Festival Semarapura, which is planned to be concentrated in Semarapura City. This Festival will be a place for artistic potential of Klungkung to appear and grow. Semarapura Festival will be held on April 25 to 28 later.

Head of Klungkung tourism culture Wayan Sujana, Monday (2/3), said it has recently been carried out various preparations. The preparation begins with dissemination to the public and stakeholders who will be involved in this huge agenda. Each activity has been divided into certain sections. Each sub-district will present various potential culture. Though this is the first, He expressed wish to prepare for this festival is more mature. In addition to involving private parties, the festival plans also involve an element of school, Udayana University and the community. “We continue to do improvement, learning from previous experiences on Nusa Penida Festival last year,” said Sujana are also as Chairman of the Committee.

He hopes this year’s festival agenda could have an impact on the pulse of Klungkung tourism. Then the impact on the economy of the community Klungkung. In addition, this festival it is also hoped the potential of art and culture in Klungkung is not only known from Kertha Gosa and classical painting Kamasan style. However, a variety of other potential, especially of Nusa Penida can have a place in the hearts of tourists. “We want tourists to know Klungkung tourism as a whole,” he said.

One of the organizers, Dewa Gede Alit Saputra added, during the four-day agenda Semarapura Festival, will be presented various cultural attraction, parades arts, culinary, craft, trail in Puputan Klungkung, fashion shows, touring and a variety of other activities. “All segments of society will be involved, including from Barong Sai Group of the Green Dragon and Kampung Jawa,” he said.

He is optimistic, the implementation could be better Semarapura Festival of Festivals Nusa Penida. Various preparations are finalized. The theme of the festival has also been prepared by the name Artita News Where State. That is, development, progress on this day to reflect on the past to reflect the glory to come. Where, in the past Klungkung is the epicenter of civilization art and culture in Bali.



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