Rupiah weakened to 13,000 per USD

20150305rupiah-dollarJakarta – Rupiah traded on Thursday morning in Jakarta decreased by 25% to 13,000 compared to the previous position 12 975 per US dollar

“Weakening of the Rupiah exchange rate continued after the data version of ADP (Automatic Data Processing) showed that the addition of the private sector in the United States approximately 212,000 workers in February” said the head of Futures Research Monex Investindo Ariston Tjendra in Jakarta

According to him, the increase in the number of workers who are still in progress it shows that the US economy slowly started to improve, prompting the US dollar rose against most world currencies, including the Rupiah.

On the other hand, he continued, the strengthening of the US dollar also supported the increase in the yield of US treasury bonds in last few days. so the outlook for the US dollar exchange rate is likely to dominate.

“US bond yields rose was triggered by the occurrence of liquidity created by the Japanese central bank (BoJ), European Central Bank (ECB), and the Other central banks in implementing monetary policy loose, which ultimately lead to the strengthening of the US dollar ”

Meanwhile, the head of research NH Korindo Securities Indonesia Priyambada Reza said that the high level of interest rate expectations of Bank Indonesia (BI Rate) to be lowered again in line with the downward trend in interest rates in some countries provide negative sentiment for the movement of the Rupiah.



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