Tornado Struck Bangli and Gianyar

angin-puting-beliung-ilustrasi-_111030103355-755Tornado returned destroyed some buildings in Gianyar. This time, the wind is the most terrifying residents, hit Banjar Bukit Sari, Gianyar Sidan Village, Tuesday (03/10/2015) approximately 17.00 pm.

As a result dozens of houses were damaged. In response, a quick reaction team (TRC) of BPBDs Gianyar straight down to the scene and help residents clean up debris scattered buildings.

Until this news was revealed, is not known exactly how many losses caused by this disaster. Likewise with the fatalities.

“It’s still being recorded, how many and what this storm damage. The report also still zero fatalities,” said head BPBDs Gianyar, the Supreme mighty.

At the same time, a tornado also struck the village of Bangli Bunutin. Happenings also make a mess and a dozen homes were severely damaged gas station


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