Boys and Girls Will Catch Hold of Each Others in “Omed-Omedan”

Youth groups of Dharma Kerti Banjar Kaja, Sesetan Village again held Omed-omedan one day after Nyepi Day on Sunday, 22nd  of March 2015 later. Omed-omeda is a tradition that is carried out every year after Nyepi Day. exactly on Ngembak Geni Day to celebrate Caka New Year. The Head of T Satya Dharma Kerti Banjar Kaja, Sesetan Vilage, Arya Wirianata said the implementation of Omed-omedan involve all youth aged 17 to 30 years old and haven’t marriage yet. Omed-omedan proscssion begins with praying togerher for safety. after that, participants devided into 2 groups, male and female. The both of Goups take a position facing each other in main road of village. after that they will kiss each other. the participant of it is 40 male and 60 female. “The way this is omed-omedan of attraction using bare hands between men and women and watered,” he said, Friday (13/03/2015) in Denpasar, Bali. To further enliven the event Omed-omedan, it will held various Balinese Art Parade involving 10 groups of youth in the Sesetan village. in that procession is also hold Bumbang music, traditional Music from Sesetan Village. “kita akan terus melestarikan tradisi ini dan generasi muda akan semakin berkarya lagi.” he hoped. He also added, that the procession Omed-omedan could well documented, it has provided a strategic place for the media, so they can take pictures with well. cr:


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