Jupiter  Space Plane Crashed at Malaysia 

jupiter02Jupiter Aerobatic Team name is famous to foreign countries. Since 2011, the team that wears Jupiter aircraft KT Wong Bee-01B made in Korea have shown a thrilling aerial attractions in the country and some countries such as Thailand, Brunei, Thailand, and Singapore.The spectators who watched the rehearsal Jupiter Aerobatic Team that was to prove a dangerous attraction of 6 red white plane. Call it the Jupiter Roll, Kite Barrel Roll, Clover Leaf, Arrow Head Loop-Break Off, Half Cuban-Jupiter Wheel, Tanggo To Diamond Loop, Leader Benefit, Mirror, Screw Roll, Heart, Roll Slide, and Arrow Head Loop. Various attractions are often reap the admiration of the audience.

But in Langkawi, Malaysia, the audience should keep their admiration. Not unexpectedly, at around 14:00 local time, 2 of 6 aircraft touched Jupiter Aerobatic Team in the air when starting one thrilling formations.2 Jupiter Air Force aerobatic aircraft in the sky touched Malaysia. The incident occurred when the two exercises together in the opening event of the International Maritime & Aerospace Exhibition (LIMA) 2015, Langkawi, Malaysia.

jupiter01The accident occurred when the aircraft is conducting a rehearsal in preparation for the opening of the airshow. A pilot escaped with ejected from the plane and activate the parachute. LIMA 2015 event is airshow and marine held in Malaysia. In this event, a variety of aviation and marine industries shine on their products.


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