3 Bali Beaches Get Best Beach On Travelers Choice

All the people in the world that like travelling certainly kwon about Bali beaches. Bali has a thousand beautiful beaches, start from western part until eastern, southern until northern part of Bali island. Everybody known about Bali and it’s beach, every year the beach that located at Bali always get a best reward from Trip Advisor,

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Based on quantity and quality review and the rating from Bali visitor included domestic and international visitors. Trip advisor has been collect the data during 12 mouths. Trip Advisor declare 3 Bali beaches get 5 best place on traveler place to choices. The 3 beaches got best Travelers Choice there are


  1. Nusa Dua Beach – Badung Bali

This beach located 40 kilometers southern from Denpasar town. Nusa Dua beach known with white sandy beach and safety place to explore the sea water with swimming activity. Beach, beautiful place, quite, and refreshable make everybody that will visit Nusa Dua beach always want to come back and visit this beach again and again.


  1. Padang Padang Beach – Pecatu Uluwatu

Padang – padang beach is famous for surfer. This beach has big wave that can be great places for surfer that they want explore Bali beach with surf activity. This beach also can be explore from the high bridge that located near by this beach. Padang – padang beach has unique thing that is if the visitor will come and enjoy this beach the entrance gate look like get in to the cave. After passed it the visitor will enjoyable the beautiful beach and beautiful sunset.


  1. Balangan Beach – Badung Bali

The Balangan beach are famous with big wave and the popular place to explore Bali beach with surf activity. The awesome beach has been given to this beach and the heaven for surfer. This beach also has food and beverage with reasonable price.



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