What is the Fire War ?

Sunday, March 22, 2015

On Friday (03/20/2015) at around 18:30 pm, the sun began to dim light in Banjar / Pakraman Nagi, Ubud, Gianyar, but thousand residents seen gathering.In front of the bale banjar, about 175 men without clothes, using udeng, parchment and saput boxes sat around burnt coconut shells.

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While waiting for the fire raged, they sang songs filled with events gegenj
ekan (traditional Balinese song). There is singing, some dancing. Creating an atmosphere of Bali tempoe doeloe very pronounced there.
“Ainggih rarisin sabatan apine (please carry out the fire),” said Jro Bendesa Pakraman Nagi, I Ketut Marka through a megaphone when the fire has been burning coconut shells.

Got the cue, which consists of young people who previously sat around the fire got up from his seat as he jumped into the flames.
Meanwhile, Gambelan baleganjur batel tempo (fast) played in an event held once a year


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