Coming Soon Free Visa for 30 Countries

The Decision government to give free visa for 30 countries in the near future should be welcomed. The move of the easiest ways to increase foreign exchange into Indonesia without having to increase new investments . The addition of foreign exchange earnings is required at this time given the current account deficit experienced and weakening rupiah .

Based on the study of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (United Nations World Tourism Organization / UNWTO) and the World Tourism and Travel Council ( WTTC ) in 2011 , estimated that the facility implemented visa can be the answer to job creation when the world economy has not fully recovered . Relaxation of visa is expected to increase the number of tourists 110 million or an increase of 16 percent, the creation of 5.1 million jobs and 206 billion US dollars of foreign exchange.

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Several case studies also show the visa facilities could raise 5-25 percent of visits within a period of three years . For example, with Hong Kong and Russia each other visa-free facility , an increase of 133 percent during the visit period 2008-2010 .

The benefits of free visa for the development of tourism in Indonesia :
First , that the free visa policy and facilities in and out of Indonesia can be made comfortable and safe in the implementation as soon as possible . The political decision has been taken and is important for the implementation of coordination between officials involved immigration , security , transportation , and airports .

Immigration Act does require reciprocity for free visa . However , there is also a utility function . To date, the principle is clear benefits that can be considered .

Second , immigration and the airport is the first entrance and the first impression for visitors to the visa-free facilities also need to be accompanied by the immigration service is efficient and friendly . Friendly and efficient service ( friendly tourist airport ) is also important because part of the impression of ” welcome ” and comfort , which should be positive memories . Lattice friendly and efficient airport is the speed of retrieval of goods , access and smooth transportation from and to the airport , cleanliness and comfort , as well as tourism information services on the city / country concerned .

Third , and the potential maximum impact of visa-free facility requires readiness welcomes increased number of foreign tourists . It started in terms of services and human resources to infrastructure . For example, if you want to greet the number of tourists from China with a large amount , we have to be ready with a tour guide and human resources in the various elements of tourism services who can speak Mandarin

Fourth , is the readiness of a tourist destination and tourism product range so that the visit will stay longer and spend more foreign exchange or in another sense the quality of foreign tourists has also increased .

The great information for all visitors who will come to Indonesia, There are the list of 30 countries will get the free visa : China , Japan , South Korea , USA , Canada , New Zealand , Mexico , Russia , Britain , Germany , France , Netherlands , Italy , Spain , Switzerland , Belgium , Sweden , Austria , Denmark , Norway , Finland , Poland , Hungary , Czech Republic , Qatar , the United Arab Emirates , Kuwait , Bahrain , Oman , South Africa


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