Bali Museum No Longer As Museum

Giri Natha, Denpasar city residents who worked as a tourism guide complained Bali Museum is no longer worthy to be called a Museum. It was conveyed during speeches at Podium Bali Free Talk Anything (PB3AS),With fiery criticism when he delivered the Bali Museum in total now changed drastically.

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“I think it’s no longer a museum, now a museum in Tabanan building it all has changed its shape, position, stuff all has changed,” said Natha with high tone. Natha said former museum collections such as kris magical relic of 1873 there were framed for display as one of the best collections
“In the dagger nephew pack? Then there is the spear of iron with a stalk of a spear of wood and bamboo stalk the spear from the colonial era of the pack? Now the nephew of ancient items that ?, “he said.
Meanwhile, Governor Made Pastika who heard direct complaints from citizens will immediately follow in PB3AS, Sunday (04/12/2015).
“We will follow up at least that’s in these areas because according to the times that sometimes people change,” said Pastika.


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