Recycling Fans Sold Out to 1500 Unit Per Day

The Colorful fan with a wide range of colors displayed in the Gallery Bee handy crafts. The fan are based plastered graceful traditional Indonesian fabrics. In fact, there is also a pictorial motif wooden puppet with the media. Draping rest were cut patterned brocade. Sizes small, medium, and large there.
The fan gallery is owned Anak Agung Ayu Mas Utari Noviyanthi, SH The fan effort began when Gung Mas, greeting familiar, visiting Korea look crafts people there. Seeing a fan on display later occurred the idea to make a wooden fan that consists of elements such as wealth Indonesian batik, a traditional Indonesian typical fabrics, paintings, and various other motives. “Founded in 2010 on the first goal is not for business, but wanted to share what I got to my neighborhood,” he recalls.

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Bee true Handicraft handicrafts company in Bali which has long stood. But four years later Gung Mas develop batik design to be applied in the hand fan, taped on the wood, where previously Gung Mas has craft “keben” batik.
“I am grateful to get a positive response from the market,” he said.
Gung Mas continues to strive to design more models and new innovations, thus increasing the demand fan because it has become part of fashion accessories. “Now we can get orders of at least 1,500 fans per day, target children can do 2,500 fans per day,” he said.
The fan is recycled waste products that might most people think is not worth the waste. But for Gung Mas waste can be of high value. Through these efforts, he was able to help the people around him and can share with others. Evidenced from most employees are housewives who want it raised to be a housewife who is active and positive act of self and environment. Currently he has hired 20 employees and several freelance employees. “Every fan there own uniqueness and its own story,” he said.
He said the difference with other fans entrepreneur ie Bee handycrafts more traditional woven cloth. Fan consists of two types of wood fan and fan-friendly environment. Wood fan is the fan with the use of or the handle of mahogany and albesia, the top can be modified with local ingredients brocade as the application or incorporation of both. Consists of sizes 19, 23, and 30. The fan-friendly environment is the use of four kinds of waste is waste wire, cloth, lubricants, and cans. Eco-friendly foldable fan resemble purses, fabric also varied, and can be designed according to your own design. “The fan is again much sought after,” he said. Relatively affordable price ranging from Rp 15,000. Recognized marketing is still aggressively marketing in the country.
During the four years of existence, Bee Handicraft has received numerous awards such as the first winner endek favorite design submitted by the Minister of SOEs in Denpasar Festival 2011, a plaque of appreciation from the Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises Republic of Indonesia for their dedication and devotion in product development through empowerment of inmates in April 2013 presented by the Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs RI, an award from the Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises Republic of Indonesia for his participation in the Cooperative and SME Accessories Expo in April 2013


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