Longest Kite Made By Balinese People

I Wayan Nevo sublimate carefully using a knife or sharpened bamboo. While a number of busy colleagues to guess the size of the Janggan kite be made by means of a pair of bamboo each other.

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They gathered in Yangbatu Banjar Kangin, Pakraman Yangbatu, District East Denpasar, Bali. Mr Nevo tells banjo Yangbatu sekaa Amendment Kangin has named Sekaa Demen Kites Paras Paros. Yesterday was the first day of workmanship kites Janggan Banjar Yangbatu. According to him, the possibility of making kites took over three months.

Because workmanship Janggan Kites quite complicated than do other types of kites.”It’s the first day, chances are finished in July and we will Include kite competitions,Jero Mangku Gunung who was also working to explain Sekaa Paras-Paros is a great sekaa the elders Banjar Yangbatu. For about 12 years this sekaa not work creates a phenomenal kite.In 1993 this last sekaa Janggan never made a kite with a tail length of 250 meters. Even in the same year Yangbatu Banjar Kangin had won the race kite in Padanggalak, Denpasar.


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