A War With Laugh ?

Sampian War dance is performed by two groups of dancers, each group consists of hundreds of dancers, the female group known as permas (female servants of the deities) with white cloth and black sarong and parekan (male servant of the deities) with all white attires. Most of the dancers of Siat Sampian are the people that have been saved by the deities of the Samuan Tiga temple.

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Ainggih, titiang nunas ring krama mangda presida mengingsir jebos seantukan ayah-ayahan jagi pacang kemargiang ( already , I beg residents to be pleasing to shift because dances will be held ) , ” Said the committee ‘s work from the sound through the speaker ‘s voice .

A moment later , parekan (male servant of the deities ) , down- From the gate at the Main mandala temple . Similarly with the Permas (female servants of the deities) , their hands holding into one another. All white clothes . Strains ‘baleganjur’ also become a make that starts dancing like waves . Hundreds parekan endlessly circling the temple. The hand grip, any broken spliced ​​back grip again .

Sometimes they Running, sometimes they stop running and just walking. After running parekan and permas will pray in three tamples. Ratu Agung Sakti genah Ida Bhhatara Ganapati Temple, Pelinggih Lingga Ratu Agung Panji Temple and Pengaruman Agung Temple

When they finished to pray, the war will started. A part of parekan will take weapon from thach called sampian. Without command , they began to attack each other . There are hitting the head , legs , arms , and back. This war is filled with laughter . The joyful parekan sampian while swinging the body to his opponents. Sampian war not only serves as a sacred dance that is already contained in the ejection . But there are other things that affect the spirit of togetherness of the people around Samuan Tiga Temple. In everyday life , whether outside activities or in temples , surely there is a conflict with one another. Sampian War used as a medium for reconciliation between manners people in temple .

” When there is a problem, do not expand enough to stay here . They exchange punches sampian each other with happy face . All problems sorted out later , relations remain harmonious , ” said Gusti Mangku Ageng . He explained that the deeper the particulars Sampian War . According to him , every battle there must be winners and losers However , in the context of Sampian War , winning or losing is not a measure . The point is after the fight then they are winning and losing embrace each other to achieve a noble purpose , and keep harmony


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