Benefits of Consuming Eggs Here Half Mature

Eggs contain many essential nutrients. Essential nutrients in eggs as riboflavin, protein and selenium are needed by the body especially in children – children who are in a period of growth. Eggs are very suitable for the breakfast menu in the morning so as to meet the needs of the energy needed to perform various activities all day.
In addition, the eggs can be cooked in various ways and for various processed. And the time to cook the egg is also relatively short, it is suitable for you – you who rush – rush in the morning.

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Half cooked eggs or undercooked eggs together – both have good taste and they also have a high nutrient content. Nevertheless, there are still many who doubt the nutrient content in these eggs.
Many people are afraid to eat eggs because they think eating an egg every day can raise cholesterol in the body. However it turns out, the assumption is wrong. In fact, by consuming eggs regularly can memabantu reduce levels of bad cholesterol in the body.
Health Benefits of Eggs Half Mature
Benefits of soft-boiled eggs may surprise you as it can be to lose weight. In addition to taste good, soft-boiled eggs are also menggandung many benefits to our health. The following will explain some of the benefits that can be if you eat soft-boiled eggs:
Helps Lose Weight
Eggs contain amino acids that are very high. This is the reason why the soft-boiled eggs for breakfast. Amino acids into the body can be transformed into energy. So that it can help to build muscle – the muscle or skin. Amino acids in soft-boiled eggs useful as a source of energy that is much better than the protein, and can help full longer. In addition, 75% fat in eggs is unsaturated fat so easily absorbed by the body.
Prevent aging
Soft-boiled eggs are seumber carotenoids, lutein, and zeaxanthin can help protect the organs of sight of the aging process. Regularly consume soft-boiled eggs can help the body, organs and functions of the cell and tissue damage due to aging.
As a Healthy Breakfast Menu
Two soft-boiled eggs for breakfast every day could prove to shrink waistlines. Saturated fat in soft-boiled eggs are also a source of saturated fat is not very good. Not as a source of protein or other animal fat, soft-boiled eggs will not increase the risk of heart disease.
Helps Strengthen Memory
Two soft-boiled eggs are a source of choline which is extremely high. Choline is an element that is very good and can increase the memory capacity in our brains.
Half egg Mature Richer Nutrition
With cook soft-boiled eggs, this means that the yolk is not overripe. And this makes the nutrients in the egg yolk is not lost so it is good to meet the daily nutritional needs for your body.
Eggs Helps Muscle Formation
Do you know if an egg can be a help in the formation of muscle? Eggs are well known among bodybuilders as a menu which is very suitable for diet and source of protein needed for muscle formation in the body.
Helping Healthy Eyes
Eye health is very important as visual function. Vitamin A is one of the vitamins that can maintain eye health. Vitamin A is also one of the nutrients contained in the egg, and in the soft-boiled eggs vitamin A contained much more. So that the consumption of partially cooked eggs is much better than the fully mature egg.
Prevent Anemia
Blood in the body is essential for its function. Lack of blood can make a person anemic. Anemia also occurs when the body lacks vitamin B12. Soft-boiled eggs can be an alternative food to treat anemia.
Helps Smooth Body Metabolism
Amino acids are substances or nutrients that are easily digested by the body. Soft-boiled eggs containing amino acids. This substance is one of the highest content in the soft-boiled eggs.
Helps Maintain Immune System Stability
Amino acids contain many components that are beneficial for our health. Component in the amino acids of soft-boiled eggs also can boost our immune system. So that it can help the body to prevent the attack of various diseases.

How to Cook Eggs Half Mature
Do you know the proper way to cook soft-boiled eggs? Yes, there are ways to make cooking half-cooked egg yolk deng still melted in it. For how to cook, there are several options how to cook soft-boiled eggs this.
Using cold water and hot water
The first step, put the eggs into a container or pot. After that, enter the water so the egg is submerged in the pot. Use cold water. After the heat of the pan to boil water. After boiling, remove from heat, drain the eggs and cover with a cloth up to three and a half minutes. And a soft-boiled eggs are ready to be served.
By cooking the eggs for six minutes
How to cook soft-boiled eggs this one also csangat easy and certainly one of the most appropriate way to get an egg with yellow parts are still melted. First, heat the water to the boil with the scum that is still rare. Put the eggs into the boiling water. Let the eggs in boiling water for six minutes. Fire exaggerated a little, after six minutes remove the eggs and drain. Half-cooked eggs are ready you eat.
The perfect soft-boiled eggs have already hardened white part but with the yellow section that is still melted. Soft-boiled eggs can be a substitute butter for bread or for an extra salad.
Side Effects Mature Half Egg
For some people, soft-boiled eggs can cause allergies. In people who are allergic to proteins, egg whites can cause allergies. Whereas children – children, allergies can occur when he stepped on the age of five years. In addition, soft-boiled eggs might contain salmonella bacteria. Pregnant women and nursing mothers should not consume soft-boiled eggs. In people who have high cholesterol, you should avoid undercooked eggs.


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