A Hundred Stairs to Panoramic Beach of Gunung Payung

Gunung Payung Beach located in Kutuh Village, South Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali. Be a favorite tourist destination to see natural beach panorama or just see sunset. The blue sea with white sand and as far the eyes can see there are no hotel building beside the beach. Not many people know about this location. So this beach called “The Hidden Paradise” because of the location it was hidden.
From Denpasar City, Gunung Payung Beach is about 30km, can reach 1 hour with car. Marker road to the bach has been created. The famous beach Pandawa beach can be reference to reach this beach because Gunung Payung Beach located in east of Pandawa. Or, can be sought with reach Gunung Payung Temple. To reach this beach the visitor must be sacrifice to down the hundreds of stairs. After descend 283 of stairs and need time 5-10 minute the visitor will arrived at the beach

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Don’t be worry, because after arriving in the beach tiredness will be paid by Gunung Payung Beach ecosystems. From the top area while walking to the beach, visitor will presented with a view of the beauty sea from the hill. And the nature white sand will indulgent the eyes who see all of this beach. So it’s not suprising many visitor come from far distant places come here just to see this unique beach. Like a visitor I met who come from Gianyar regency. “I’m from Gianyar the first I see the photos of this beach from internet, and I think it look nice so I curious to come here with my family”. He said.
Not behind, the small caves around the beach is also enough to attract attention. Where on the east of beach are one caves area which be people target to take picture and a place to relax. But if the water was high tide advised to not play in this caves arean because it dangerous.
The management of Gunung Payung Beach conducted by Desa Adat Kutuh. The tariff to beach is to low, just 2000 rupiah per person. And the parking fee just 2000 rupiah for motorcycle and 5000 rupiah for car. With the costs, there are some facilities provide by the management. Include toilet and spacious parkir area

The visitor don’t be worry if you feel hungry because in this location already some cafes which sell food and drink. This condition different before Gunung Payung Beach have management. “With the management and security from the front now the beach can be safer than before” said Ketut Suweni, a grandmother who selling over 10 year in Gunung Payung Beach Area. But according Suweni which be pitied is the trees which reduced. Than the first she sell drink alone in this area, the trees still shade. While now forced to disappear because of facilities construction and roads access around the beach.
Many visitor who come to prove the exotic of this beach. From foreign tourist and domestic tourist. They not just enjoying the view. But some outdoor activitation do there. Play in the beach like swimming and play stockpiling sand. Besides that, some tourist relaxing was sub bathing while read book and enjoying the beach. The surfer who come from other contries. And some fisherman who fishing in this beach
There was even a youth group who opened tent here. Apparentely, already from last night they camping in Gunung Payung Beach area. “The beach is still clean and the sea colour is beaty” said Rajiff local visitor from Denpasar. Recognized by Rajiff, until today The parties official still gave permission to stay overnight here. He thinks now there are not many hotels and resorts. So there is no ban.


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