Hundreds Elderly performed Panyembrama Dance

Mass dance performances perhaps we have often seen in a staging.However, there may not be many mass dance performances the dancers are the elderly .One show in Denpasar, Bali, namely Panyembrama dance, performed by 150 women, the elderly
Panyembrama dances performed at Graha parking area Sewaka Dharma Lumintang be an opening ceremony of the National Elderly Day on 29 May.panyembrama01
“Since the 29th working day yesterday, then we report to the leadership, and we decided to carry out the day,” said Head of Social and Labor Denpasar, After opening with a 150 elderly Panyembrama dancer , the event continued with the various competitions are all participants of women and men aged 60 and over.
There are seven races in between races Joged dance, Competition wearing Balinese custom to the temple, Cak Competition Interactive, Elderly Gymnastics Competition and Sing a Balinese Song Competition, and Pesantian Competition


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