Rio Haryanto Be The GP2 Champion | Silverstone Circuit, England ( 5/7/2015 )

RioRio Haryanto, The Indonesian Young Racer, for the third times can be the sprint race winner in The GP2 Series 2015. Rio finished on second GP2 race in Silverstone Circuit, England ( Sunday, 5 July 2015 )

Rio start race fast from pole position. When the 2nd lap of the 21 lap, The ‘Campos Racing’ recorded the fastest time ( 1 minute 42,636 sec ). When the last of 4th lap, Rio superior 3 sec from Raffaele Marciello. Meanwhile, Stoffel Vandoorne, who start from 6th position, marginalized into ninth position. Alexander Rossi, one of Rio competitors, get a 5 sec penalty reduction for a foul when he passing Alex Lynn in the early race lap.

Rio maintains his position in the race without pit stop. On the last of 9th lap, this 22 years old racer 3,1 sec ahead on Marciello. Marciello can accelerate until his time lapse with Rio be 2,6 sec on the last of 14th lap. But, Rio never give chance for the ‘Trident Race’. And Pierre Gasly on the 3rd position.

Rio succed maintain his position until the last of race. This is his third champion in this season after Sprint Race in Bahrain and Austria. Rio started Sprint Race from pole position after finished on 8th position in first race ( feature race ), Saturday 4th July 2015. Results of this race sprint made Rio back up to third position in the standings, after displaced by Sergey Sirotkin on yesterday ( 4th July 2015 ), who won the feature race.

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England GP2 sprint race results:

1. Rio Haryanto Campos Racing 36:27.949s (21 laps)

  1. Raffaele Marciello Trident + 1.925s
  2. Pierre Gasly DAMS + 4.993s
  3. Alexander Rossi Racing Engineering + 12.589s
  4. Nick Yelloly Hilmer Motorsport + 13.236s
  5. Alex Lynn DAMS + 15.539s
  6. Oliver Rowland MP Motorsport + 15.845s
  7. Sergey Sirotkin Rapax + 16.305s
  8. Stoffel Vandoorne ART Grand Prix + 17.325s
  9. Jordan King Racing Engineering + 17.500s
  10. Robert Visoiu Rapax + 25.119s
  11. Julián Leal Carlin + 25.694s
  12. Richie Stanaway Status Grand Prix + 32.529s
  13. Artem Markelov Russian Time + 33.454s
  14. André Negrão Arden International + 33.699s
  15. Arthur Pic Campos Racing + 34.227s
  16. Jon Lancaster Hilmer Motorsport + 36.112s
  17. Rene Binder Trident + 37.145s
  18. Nobuharu Matsushita ART Grand Prix + 43.172s
  19. Mitch Evans Russian Time + 45.224s
  20. Nathanaël Berthon Lazarus + 45.653s
  21. Marlon Stöckinger Status Grand Prix + 58.353s
  22. Norman Nato Arden International + 63.892s
  23. Sergio Canamasas Lazarus + 80.858s
  24. Johnny Cecotto Jr. Carlin + 88.853s
  25. Daniël De Jong MP Motorsport + 1 laps


Racer Standings

  1. Stoffel Vandoorne ART Grand Prix 170pts
  2. Alexander Rossi Racing Engineering 105pts
  3. Rio Haryanto Campos Racing 91pts
  4. Sergey Sirotkin Rapax 78pts
  5. Alex Lynn DAMS 56pts
  6. Raffaele Marciello Trident 44pts
  7. Pierre Gasly DAMS 42pts
  8. Mitch Evans Russian Time 35pts
  9. Nobuharu Matsushita ART Grand Prix 29pts
  10. Julian Leal Carlin 26pts
  11. Sergio Canamasas Lazarus 23pts
  12. Richie Stanaway Status Grand Prix 22pts
  13. Arthur Pic Campos Racing 21pts
  14. Nick Yelloly Hilmer Motorsport 19pts
  15. Jordan King Racing Engineering 18pts
  16. Nathaneal Berthon Lazarus 16pts
  17. Artem Markelov Russian Time 16pts
  18. Robert Visoiu Rapax 12pts
  19. Norman Nato Arden 6pts
  20. Andre Negrao Arden 3pts
  21. Oliver Rowland MP Motorsport 3pts



  1. ART Grand Prix 199pts
  2. Racing Engineering 123pts
  3. Campos Racing 112pts
  4. DAMS 98pts
  5. Rapax 90pts
  6. Russian Time 51pts
  7. Trident 44pts
  8. MP Motorsport 26pts
  9. Carlin 26pts
  10. Status Grand Prix 22pts
  11. Hilmer Motorsport 19pts
  12. Daiko Team Lazarus 16pts
  13. Arden 9 pts

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