Women Kite Lover Community in 2015 Balinese Kite Festival

hj‘Ni Lobang Kori’, a Woman Kites Lover Comunnity show in Balinese Kites Festival, held by ‘Persatuan Layang-layang Indonesia (Pelangi) Bali in Padang Galak Beach, Kesiman Village, Saturday 4th July 2015.

This fifteen woman show their first appearance in the presence of Bali Deputy Governor Ketut Sudikerta. Over the years women have not been involved in the kite festival. So we gathered together some of the girls to join and play a kite today. Said Putu Nurhayati, The originator of ‘Ni Lobang Kori’ Comunnity. To invite some women is not easy. She must roving to get women who really love playing kite. “I have to selecting, because not all women are like kites”. She said.

‘Ni Lobang Kori’, that name taken from ‘Rare Angon’ Story who given the fluence by ‘Ni Lobang Kori’ when jumping a ravine. On the story ‘Rare Angon jumping’ like kite. Since that Rare Angon be a Symbol used to the kite.

She hope her community can be demand by other woman. He invited if anyone want to join can come to the ‘Ni Kori Lobang’ Secretariat in Jalan Tukad Balian No. 47 Denpasar.

Locals and foreign tourists fly kites al

Meanwhile, Bali Deputy Governor, Ketut Sudikerta who attended at the prestigious event for the fans of this kite to keep lifting the spirit of togetherness and a sense of unity among the younger generation.

“Thisfestivalshouldalreadybe able tocreate atogetherness senseto make Bali bea safeandpeaceful Island.” Said Sudikerta.

The Bali Kite Commite Chairman Competition, I Made Susila Patra stated, “the purpose of this race to preserve the traditional kite and cultural art Bali, to realize a creativity and new innovations.” The festival held 3 – 5 July 2015.

“Theparticipants in BalineseKite Festival2015followedbysekaa, clubandprivatenumbering1,070kitesthat jointhe traditionalcategoriesand new creations, “he said.


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