Subak Pulagan Tampaksiring Gianyar Break The World Record

tanam-padi_20150707_203251Subak Pulagan Tampaksiring break the world record and recorded in the World Record Museum (Muri) with Rice planting using System of Rice Intensification (SRI) technique combined with ‘Jajar Legowo’ technique as 7008th record, Tuesday (7 July 2015). Muri give this record to Bank Indonesia Representative Office of Bali Province, Gianyar Regency Government and Subak Pulagan Tampaksiring Gianyar.Before the record given on the afternoon, held simultaneously rice planting start from 09.00 AM. With 777 partisipation consists of 100 Polri, 150 TNI Angkatan Darat (Indonesian Army), 212 Gianyar Regent Stakeholder, Dinas Pertanian (Agriculture Departement), BPS, BI Kanwil Bali, Bulog, Youth Organizations, Jegeg Bagus Gianyar, PLKB, UPT KB, Children’s Area Forum, and 315 farmer.

Dewi Setyowati, The Bali Chief Representative of Bank Indonesia said, SRI technique or Jajar Legowo are environmentally friendly technique because using organic fertilizer. Jajar Legowo Technique facilitate farmers to plant rice seedlings, so will reduce the cost to pay laborers. Additionally, one stalk of a rice plant can produce 352 rice grains.

Sri Widayati as Senior Manager of Muri Indonesia said that there are some criteria to get in Muri. There are 4 main criteria named PPUL, stands of Paling Pertama (Most First) Unik (Unique) Langka (Rare).

Muri came to Tampaksiring provide a record for the largest rice cultivation with the 10.57 hectares land and consists of 47 Subak. “For the simultaneously rice planting with the area up to 10 hectares record breaking, are first time here. But there is a kind of record in a different way”.

Its uniqueness because of extensive land and the simultaneously rice planting conducted one day in largest area.

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Source: Tribun Bali

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