Ngurah Rai International Airport Opened Again

a3ea9a424199d2ec4e675bb274e0dd01c2a71f63After closed about 36 hours, Now Ngurah Rai International Airpot, opened normally again, Saturday (11 Jul 2015 ) at 10.00 AM. Maskon Humawan, The Air Navigator General Manager said The opration can be normal because the weather has been sunny.

The Mount Raung Volcanic ash has been reduced not bad like on Thursday (07.09.2015) and Friday (11.07.2015) ago. Previously, the temporary closure has been going on Thursday, July 9th, 2015. At 09.27 PM. And be extended until today 10.00 AM. The Airport closure is not because Mount Raung ash in the airstrip, but because the plane routes to Bali closed by Mount Raung ash. The airline route to Bali was affected by volcanic ash, so for the airline security the plane not flight to Bali.

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But, now the weather condition is good, so we can traveling with airplane. And we can go to Ngurah Rai International Airport again.


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