The Biggest Statue Will be Built in Denpasar

^FC49DBFDFE94EA899363D84954DC577CD914A544C37FDB58CF^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrDenpasar Government will build a biggest statue in Matahari Terbit Beach (Sunrise Beach), Sanur. The government held a competition design of the statue on July 2015 – August 2015. The first winner will get 20 million rupiah, the second will get 15 million rupiah and the third will get 10 million rupiah. The Indonesian Architect Association (IAI), the academician of Indonesian Institute of Art (ISI), the engineer from Udayana University, the Sanur Development Foundation and a stone carving artists will be the judges of this competition.

Baruna God

Baruna God

The theme of this competition is Baruna God. Baruna God is The God of sea. He gave the power to fisherman for keeping their spirit and getting many fish when they are sailing. The idea of Baruna statue came from Denpasar’s Mayor I.B. Rai Dharmawijaya M, SE, MSi when he visited to the other country. He got information that the icon of town not only can build in cross road but can build in a beach.

This great statue will build 2 years again in 2017 and finish in 2018. It will spend 25 billion rupiah because the statue uses the best material. The height of this statue is 25meters. The Baruna God Statue will be the greatest statue in Denpasar Town. So, let’s wait this statue


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