The Sensational Balinese Food that Must You Try It


11380169_379882142207447_1516313269_n (1)blayag-kuah3 (1)If you visit to Buleleng, you must try delicious local food Blayag. Blayad is made from rice wrapped in coconut leaf and cooked for 5-6 hours.It cooked on Balinese traditional stove (cangkem paon) and makes this food is very savory.The shape of this food is as similar as Bantal but Blayag is bigger than Bantal.

The taste of Blayag is spicy and very delicious. Usually, this food flavored with “basa genep” gravy (local mix sauces, the complete blend of spices). Blayag is served with jukut urab (made by many vegetables such as long beans, cabbage, spinach and flavored with seasoning named Kalas), shredded chicken, sambel embe (local sauses made by fried garlic), shredded coconut, egg and chicken kripik . Blayag has delicious taste because it served on banana leaf and this is traditional way to serve food.



This food gives you unique taste and will make you eat more than 1 portion. Maybe, you will little difficult to find this food, because the people choose to eat fast food. It is recommended food to eat in Bali when you got holidays in Island of Paradise. I believe you will get unforgettable experience.


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