Bulung for Your Awesome Appetizer

Rujak Bulung (1)Spending the holiday in Bali is the best choice, because Bali will offer unique things like culture, places, and food. Talk about food, Bali has more than one hundred traditional food. Beside spicy food, this island will offer you savory food. Bulung is one of savory food that Bali had.

DSC_0074Bulung is taken from Balinese Language, it means “sea weed”. Usually, this food is completed by kuah pindang (Balinese sause was made from boiled tuna). The process to make bulung is easy, you must clean the sea weed, and the sause made from kuah pindang, grated coconut, grated galangal, shrimp paste and fried peanut. Coconut and galangal burned till the nice smell come out and grated. After that, combine the sea weed, the spices and kuah pindang, don’t add too much salt, because kuah pindang is salty. If you love spicy, you can add some chill.
You will find this food in food stall which also sell rujak (salad fruit), tipat cantok (mix vegetable with peanut sauce). As we know, sea weed is good for our healthy and the best solution for your problem about over weight. It is recommended food to eat in Bali when you got holidays in Island of Paradise. I believe you will get unforgettable experience. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s try the Balinese savory food.


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