Balinese Word Short Courses Before Visiting The Island

photo2485When we visit the other country or place, we must learn the local language. Don’t learn too much, maybe only the general language like, thank you, sorry and how are you. If you visit Bali, you must learn some Balinese language but in general.
There are the Balinese language that you must know;
Rahajang Semeng : Good Morning
Rahajang Wengi : Good Evening
Punapi Gatra? : How are you?
Becik-Becik : I’m fine
Matur Suksma : Thank You
Ampura : Sorry
Seduk : Hungry
Ngajeng : Eating
Matumbasan : Shopping
Nyilang : Borrow
Pamit dumun : I want back/ bye
Melali : Hang out
Beli : calls for the man older than us
Mbok : calls for the women older than us
Gus: calls for boy
Gek : calls for girl
Om Swastyastu : the Balinese greeting and means “peace and greetings from God”
Let’s learn Balinese word, I hope it can be useful for you during spent your holiday in Bali, The Amazing Island.


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