The Balinese Traditional Kite – One of Amazing Heritage from Paradise Island

melayangan-4Bali is the island of art, art can’t be spread from Balinese people daily life. Many things are created by art, like statue, wood curving, and many others. Have you watched Bali Kite Festival before? Do you know Balinese Kite? Kite is art for Balinese people, it’s not just a children toy. Balinese people need special skills to make it.

Balinese Kite is deference with other Kite in Indonesia. This kite passes many difficult processes, like choosing the good bamboo, whittle bamboo to be balanced, the correct bamboo tying method, and covered kite skeleton with a cloth. Balinese Kite is related with Rare Anggon Story. The Rare Anggon is the God of Kite who is Siwa God manifestation. Rare anggon means shepherd child who play kite after harvest season finished.


Bebean Kite

There are 3 kind of Balinese kite, first is “bebean’” the shape like fish, the second called by “janggan” the shape like dragon and the last is “pecukan” the shape like stingray. e Balinese traditional kites are gigantic and have evolved into increasingly bombastic proportions over the years, measuring up to four metres in width and 10 metres in length. Some other versions, such as the ‘janggan’ type have impressive flowing ribbon tails often reaching 100 metres or more in length. At every stage of the kite making process, blessings and rituals are performed for good fortune in competition.


Janggan Kite

Bali also held the kite competition which be held on August until October in each year. Categories to win include ‘best launch’, ‘best design’ and the ‘longest flight’. Occasionally, the kites descend over nearby rice paddies, and team members must dash through the coast onto the fields to retrieve the hard-earned and painstakingly built kite before it gets soaked.


Pecukan Kite

It is recommended festival to visit in Paradise Island when you get holiday, where you just book your trip through a reliable travel agency. I believe your trip will be awesome and unforgettable experience


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