Jukut Ares – Delicious Young Banana Stem from Bali

Cara-Membuat-Jukut-AresBali offers amazing panorama or amazing view, Bali also has many delicious and savory traditional foods. Sometimes, the traditional food is spicy like lawar, satay lilit, serombotan and jukut ares. Talk about jukut ares, have you tasted it before? If you didn’t have taste serombotan, this article would give you some information about this food.

Jukut ares is the Balinese food which is made from young banana stem or Balinese people called by Gedebong. Usually, the born of pork, duck or chicken add into this food. The taste is delicious and savory. As we know, the stem of banana makes our skin itchy if the sap touches our skin. But don’t worry, jukut ares doesn’t make you itchy.

kedebong1When Balinese people prepare their ceremony in the temple or in the home, usually they make this food. If you combine jukut ares with sate lilit, chicken tum, and chicket betutu, you will get the best taste of authentic Balinese food. This food easily find on the traditional market in Bali. You can make this food by yourself and this is the recipe;

The ingredient;
~ A young banana stem
~ 1,5 kg The pork or chicken
~ 8 shallot
~ 4 garlic
~ 1 turmeric
~ 1 ginger
~ 1 galingale
~ 2 candlenut
~ 6 chili
~ 1 tbsp shrimp paste
~ 1 tbsp tamarind
~ 1 stick lemongrass leaf
~ 2 bay leaf
~ 5 tbsp salt
~ 50ml coconut oil

The process :

  1. Banana stemssliced thin, thenaddthe oil, saltandcontinue tokneadtilllimp. This process to get out the sap and make it not itch. After limp, washing the banana stems till clean.
  2. The shallot, garlic, turmeric, ginger, galingale, candlenut, chili, shrimp paste, tamarind are grinded and sauté.
  3. The pork is boiled till soft and add the flavor, after that cooking until boil.
  4. After boiling, add the banana stem, salt, bay leaf and lemongrass.



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