Nasi Yasa – The Special Dish for Balinese Hindu People

Visiting the beautiful island of Bali is the best choice for spending your holiday. Bali will give you unforgettable memories and the nice experience. Bali offers unique culture, kindly people, awesome places, and delicious food. Talk about food, have you tasted about Nasi Yasa?

11850080_665822580220101_1826421757_nNasi Yasa is the special Balinese Hindus rice dish which is only served during the special occasions of traditional ceremonies. The special dish is deemed a sacred offering to bring blessings, safety and health to the Balinese Hindu people who have participated in the ngayah ( Balinese voluntary work system) of own religious rituals in their village. Beside of that, this dish can be offering to ancestry.

This special dish is made by the family or the community in the banjar (neighborhood organization) and villages that are conducting Dewa Yadnya (rituals dedicated to the gods and Pitra Yadnya (rituals to honor the spirits of the ancestors). Sometime, Nasi Yasa is served on other ceremony, like Pagerwesi Day and Saraswati Day ( the day of Knowledge).

urlNasi Yasa is served in a round tamas (made of woven young coconut leaf), consists of yellow rice (rice cooked in mixture of turmeric, coconut milk and spices), fried red beans (kacang mentik), shredded coconut dry-fried with spices (saur) and raw vegetables (lalapan) that include cucumber, long beans, basil (kemangi), round eggplant and sambal embe made of fried shallot, chili and salt or sambel matah (uncooked sambal). Also included are salted duck egg, fried chicken in hot spices, fried octopus, fried prawns, fried salted fish, fried eel and it is even completed with the Balinese satay lilit made of fish.

All the ingredients represent the elements produced by the land and the ocean. As part of our gratitude, the offerings are meant for humankind to continue preserving nature. The taste of this dish is delicious and savory. Wanna try?


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