5 Facts of Balinese People You Never Know

Bali is the famous tourist destination in the world. Every tourist knows about Bali and they usually come to this paradise island to enjoy unique cultures, delicious food and talk to Balinese people. Balinese people are very kindly, and I will give you 5 facts about Balinese people.

1. Majority Balinese people are Hindus, because of that every Balinese people’s house has a family temple. This temple is small but it can be the interested the tourist. This temple is completed by unique curving and amazing meaningful statue.


2. If you enter the Balinese people’s house, you will find kamboja tree (frangipani). Frangipani is Balinese authentic flower, because this flower is one of the means that must exist in Balinese religious rituals. Beside of that, it can be decorated and make Balinese house natural.


3. The Balinese people are rarely involved in crime, they keep the traditional and culture values and protected them from crime such as stealing, picking pockets, etc. They believe, if they conduct it, it will harm their own house, their own families and themselves.


4. Kasta sytem ( Sudra, Waisya, Ksatria, Brahmana) is the role of the Balinese people based on their grade. Once upon time, Sudra is low worker or the lowest grade, Waisya is businessman, Ksatria is the who work in government, Brahmana is the holyman. But now, the Sudra can be a leader or holyman. It’s changed by the modernization.

Sistem kasta di India

5. Bali is the dog island, because Balinese people love dog. According to opinion of Balinese people dog is faithful and obey the command of the own because when Balinese people doing their job such farming or leaving the house, the dog will guard the house. And the dog is the best animal for house keeper.


There are 5 fact about Balinese people, I hope this article is useful for you.


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