Balinese Word Short Courses Before Visiting The Island (Part 2)


photo2485When we visit the other country or place, we must learn the local language. Don’t learn too much, maybe only the general language like, thank you, sorry and how are you. If you visit Bali, you must learn some Balinese language but in general.
There are the Balinese languages that you must know;

Lakar Kija? = Where are you going?

Mai Melali = Let’s go to somewhere

Pedih = Angry

Tresna = Love

Tresna ken Bli = Loving you (to man)

Tresna ken Gek = Loving you (to woman)

Bli = Older Brother

Mbok = Older Sister

Adi = Young Sister/Brother

Sirep = Sleeping

Kiap = Sleepy

Gelem = Sick

Saking Napi? = Uling kije? = Where do you come from?

Dot = Want

Ampunan Sirep = eda (baca : ede) = Don’t sleep

melajah = study

Ngidang = Can

Ngatehin = accompany

Ngaba = Bring

Jemak = Take

Negak = Sit

Care = Look Like

Bojog = Monkey

Kuluk = Dog

Jegeg = Pretty

Bagus = Handsome
Let’s learn Balinese word, I hope it can be useful for you during spent your holiday in Bali, The Amazing Island.


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