Entil – The Savory Food Served at Nyepi Day

As we know Bali is Paradise Island which has many awesome culture and tourist destination. Beside of that, Bali offers many delicious traditional foods. If you visit Pupuan Village in Tabanan Regency, you should try delicious food, it called Entil. This is the typical food of Pupuan Village.

photoEntil is the traditional food which made from rice and wrapped by telengidi leaf ( the shape like turmeric leaf). The rice is wrapped in telengidi leaf and tied by rope because the rice doesn’t spill. Why does entil use telengidi leaf for wrapping? Because this leaf make unique taste and the color of entil come be green. This food can hold until 2 day and not stale because it is cooked with traditional process in traditional stove (Cangkem Paon in Balinese Language). Usually, entil is cooked 3 or 4 hours and use coffee stem wood because this type of wood put out a larger fire and durable making it suitable for use cooking food takes a long time.

Usually, Pupuan people or Tabanan People make this food on Pengerupukan (one day before Nyepi The Silent Day). Now, you can find food every day and many food stall sell it. Entil severed with jukut urab (made by many vegetables such as long beans, cabbage, spinach and flavored with seasoning named Kalas), shredded chicken, sambel embe (local sauses made by fried garlic), shredded coconut, egg, and seasoning with coconut milk which added by Balinese ingredient. This food usually served by banana leaf.

This food gives you savory taste and will make you eat more than 1 portion. It is recommended food to eat in Bali when you got holidays in Island of Paradise. I believe you will get unforgettable experience.


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