Urutan Celeng – The Fermentation Balinese Pork Sausage

11265244_521523314665795_131226834_nUrutam is made of pork meat combined with base gede ( Balinese sauce), conveniently encased in the roast pig’s reserved tubular stomach intestines. The pork meat is diced into small bits and then mixed with base gede. The Balinese then construct a hand held funnel carved out of bamboo, insert a coconut leaf spine in the middle as the tube and squeeze the pork through it into the attached intestinal casing below.

Urutan Daging Babi is generally deep-fried before they are eaten. Almost every food stall (warung nasi) offers this kind of fare, and it is generally served as a small portion (a 3 cm off-cut) within a mixture of other fillings, along with the staple food – rice. In some parts of Bali, Urutan Daging Babi is left to dry in the sun by hanging it on a bamboo stick, and then fried it.

• ½ kg 1 cm square chopped pork. Any kind of pork will do, including its fat, and any part of the animal – leg, neck etc
• 1 meter pig intestine
• 6 red onions
• 3 pieces garlic
• 3 small red chilies
• 1 cm whole ginger
• 1 cm whole turmeric
• 1 cm kencur
• 1 teaspoon whole coriander
• 2 pieces of candlenuts
• 1 teaspoonful of shrimp paste
• ¼ teaspoon pepper
• plenty of nutmeg
• 1 clove
• 2 dessert spoons of coconut oil


Mince all of the spices or the base gede. Wash the pork intestine until it gets very clean. Mix the pork slices with the minced spices. Fill in the pork intestine with the mixture until it is full. Tie the both end of the intestine with a rope. Fermentation of the meat will happen naturally in the process of drying. This sausage can be fried and served directly.


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