Pisang Rai – Balinese Sweet Banana Snack

Bali is beautiful island which has many amazing place and unique culture, so many foreign tourist visits to Bali. Beside has many amazing place and unique culture, Bali also has many delicious foods; one of them is Pisang Rai.

tumblr_mfqksx2ei01r1bd4do1_500Pisang Rai is Balinese traditional light meal or snack which made from banana. The bananas are first coated in a homemade batter of rice flour. After that it steamed or boiled around 15minutes and topping with fresh coconut grater, so it make this light meal is more sweet and savory. Pisang Rai usually be eaten as a breakfast (a traditional breakfast) along with tea/coffee, on the other hand, it’s also perfect snack for your afternoon tea/coffee.

6 ripe bananas (pisang kepok/saba bananas)
Banana leaves (optional) or baking paper

½ cup rice flour
2/3 cup hot water (160ml)
1 tablespoon sugar (adjust the sweetness to your liking)
¼ teaspoon salt
1 cup fresh grated coconut
Salt to taste

• Peel the bananas, set aside
• Prepare the steamer lined with banana leaf or baking paper.Meanwhile, start making the batter.
• Place the rice flour, cornstarch sugar and salt into a mixing bowl,
pour in hot water and stirring continuously with a spoon to make a thick smooth custard,
• Place and coat each banana with the batter, make sure that bananas are well coated. When the steamer is ready, transfers the coated banana into the steamer and steam for 15minutes.
• Place fresh grated coconut on a plate/a tray, season with good pinch of salt, mix well.
• When the 15minutes is over and the coated bananas have steamed, Using a slotted spoon, remove the bananas from the steamer.
• Toppled the bananas into fresh grated coconut when they are still hot,
• Slice the bananas and serve them on a bed of fresh grated coconut


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