Balinese Word Short Courses Before Visiting The Island (Part 3)

When we visit the other country or place, we must learn the local language. Don’t learn too much, maybe only the general language like, thank you, sorry and how are you. If you visit Bali, you must learn some Balinese language but in general.photo2485
There are the Balinese languages that you must know the adjective;

Demen = Like (feeling)

Liang = Happy

Hatin tiyang liang mangkin = I’m happy now

Sebet = Sad

Jejeh = Scared

Lantang = Long

Bawak = Short

Tegeh = Tall

Endep = Low

Sugih = Rich

Lacur = Poor

Bogbog = Lie

Satya = Faithful

Dueg = Clever

Belog = Stupid

Berag = Thin

Mokoh = Fat

Daki = Dirty

Kedas = Clean

Pedih = Angry or Mad

Jegeg = Pretty

Bagus = Handsome

Kapah = Infrequently

Sesai = Often

Polos = Kindly

Mekelo = Too long

Genjang = Too Fast

Gede = Big

Cenik = Small

Benyah = Broke

Paek = Near

Joh = Far

Let’s learn Balinese word, I hope it can be useful for you during spent your holiday in Bali, The Amazing Island.


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