Denpasar’s DKP Adds The Glorious Statues in Titi Banda Statue

Titi Banda Statue is one of magnificent and monumental icon in Denpasar City, beside the Catur Muka or Four Faces Statue. The Titi Banda Statue told stories about the Ramayana epic, namely the character Rama who built the Titi Banda Bridge in the middle of the sea with the help of monkey troops that would pick up Sita abducted in Lanka.

Titi Banda told about Rama, as the main character who would pick up her wife from the hands of Ravana in Lanka. Rama accompanied by his monkey troops consisting of 18 heads, where five of whom were chief of the monkey. Statue of Rama became the main one in the middle of the building.

Two chiefs of the monkey stood on the left and right side of Rama. Three others were commanders standing in each corner of the pedestal. Commander of the monkey was made larger than the other monkey soldiers. The statue was designed with the concept of cultural approach and filled with the meaning of mutual assistance and loyalty.

As planned on 2015, the The Denpasar Sanitation and Landscaping Agency (DKP) add the statue monkey. The statue will be the decoration and look more glorious and luxury. DKP adds 15 monkey statues, 4 statues are big and 11 statue are small. The 4 statues have 2 colors, yellow and red. The statue spent more less 300 million rupiah.

Beside of that, the Denpasar Sanitation and Landscaping Agency (DKP) will make a beautiful garden and decorate this statue with many green plants. This statue is not good looking, because there aren’t garden and plant.


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