Balinese Hindus People Will Celebrate Siwaratri

Bali is dominated by Hindus People and many holy days. If you visit Bali during your holiday, you will find many holy days which was celebrated by Balinese Hindus People. Balinese Hindus Holy day is consisted by 2, the holy day based on the wuku or Balinese week and it held every 210 days like Galungan, Kuningan, Pagerwesi and the holy day based on the sasih or Balinese month and it held every 1 year, like Nyepi (silent day) and Siwalatri.

Siwaratri (Shivaratri) is a holy day to worship toward God (Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa) in Shiva form. Siwaratri is a meaningful day for Balinese Hindu people, because they believe on that day God Shiva is doing meditation for yoga, therefore the Hindus perform the activities that lead the self purification and focusing their mine to the God Shiva. Balinese People celebrated this holy day every 1 year exactly on Purwanining Tilem ke Kapitu (one day before dead moon on January). For this year, the Siwaratri celebrated on 8th January 2016. Balinese people usually praying in the temple while hear the dharma wacana (the holy story).

There are three ways to doing self purification, Upawasa Brata (fasting), Monobrata (keep silent) and Jagra (keep awake). Siwaratri also known as the holy awaken day, when people doesn’t sleep all night to do the meditation.
There are several stages of fasting for celebrate the Siwaratri day, such as:
1. Main (Utama) ; people doing the Monobrata (keep silent), Upawasa (Fasting) and Jagra (Awake along the night).
2. Middle (Madhya): people only doing the Upawasa and Jagra
3. Low (Nista) : people just doing the Jagra

Monabrata is done starting on the morning until at the night (12 hours). Upawasa is done starting in the morning until the next morning (24 hours), at the night (12 hours) people can start to eat rice with salt and drink water without any sugar etc. Jagra is done starting in the morning and ended at 6 pm in the next days (36 hours). The main purpose of Siwalatri is destroying or eliminating (mapralina) the dark side in the heart and the mind for getting the holy mind and can implementation the god character.


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