Cerorot – Balinese Unique Sweet Light Meal

Bali has so many typical foods and beverage, and also typical snack that never end to be tasted. There are various unique cuisines in each region in Bali. One of typical food which has a delicious taste is Jaje Cerorot. This snack is one of traditional food in Bali Island and has a unique shape.

12298940_1722766041285111_1696916743_nThe step to make this cake is quite easy, started from making its cover with coconut leaves that twisted until shape like a cone or trumpet. The ingredients to make this cake are rice flour, brown sugar, and coconut milk. The making process of Cerorot started with mix the rice flour, brown sugar, and coconut milk into one crock, then stir until it blends with other three ingredients. Put the dough that has been mixed into a shaping equipment.

The next process is steaming. Put Cerorot that already inside the shaping equipment into a pan. Fill the pan with water and put the shaping equipment of Cerorot on the perforated placemat into a pan, because the fumes of boiling water make Cerorot become well done. Some people in Bali still use a hearth that made from clay. By using dry firewoods and cooking time of 30 minutes, Cerorot will get well cooked.

The most interesting side of Cerorot is the way to eat that. It is different and unique rather than other snacks. Take one piece of Cerorot, put it between both hands like clapping position, and then squeeze it. Cerorot will slowly appear to the surface while the cover will narrowed down, so it will not scattered.

large-17598-5fb091c0a0e4eadefe97c94291c63d75 Cerorot usually served at the wedding party in Bali, as a symbol of the groom because it has a brown color and its shape that narrowed down. As the times development, Cerorot now can be found at traditional market even has been exist at mall and other modern cake shop.


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