Culinary Cozy Atmosphere


Cozy Atmosphere

The Straw Hut is a restaurant where you can find the cozy atmosphere and rock up with your friends, family, or that special someone. The restaurant is owned by a family. They’re a family owned restaurant and their menu basically consists of their favorite dishes that they’ve curated from around the world.


The Straw Hut sign

You might want to enjoy Friday Warm Up Sesh, where all visitors party together with affordable beverages, live music, a DJ later on, and a generally positive party experience. The restaurant has a pretty extensive menu but if you’re there for the first time, here are a few things you totally should try: Chicken Parmagiana, Balinese Crispy Duck,Pulled Pork Pizza, Prawn Toast, Squid Salad and Chocolate Beetroot Cake. There is also a shop there that sells towels, bikinis, homeware, beach bags, etc. You might buy something for your home, want to complete your look, or just need some retail therapy.

Short History

The Straw Hut was founded in 2009, at the beginning, the name was ART Café. As time goes by, precisely in August 2013, they changed their name to The Straw Hut. At the end of 2013, a variety of healthy menu offered here so you don’t need to be worry if you’re on healthy diet program. With the rustic modern concept, chic shades spreads to every corner of this comfortable place. The Straw Hut divides into 3 parts : Forecourt, Central room that featuring Bar, and the backyard that often used as a venue for musical performance. A cozy atmosphere will surely make you and the other visitors feel comfortable. Don’t forget the happy hour that offered everyday start from 05.30 pm until 08.30 pm and you will get cocktail promo buy one get one. see ya there !!

For more information & Reservation :

Jalan Sari Dewi 17, Bali, Indonesia 80361
Tel. (0361) 736 750


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