Thorough Purgation After Nyepi

Tradisi Mebuug-Buugan

Mebuug-buugan tradition in Kedonganan Village.


Kedonganan traditional village is one of the village area covers up to the mangrove forest. The village held the unique tradition a day after the execution of Nyepi in Bali. In this tradition, the indigenous villagers Kedonganan together headed for the mangrove forests near their village. after arriving at the location for this tradition, where the soil structure is legit such as mud, villagers began smearing their bodies with mud. The tradition is called “mebuug-buugan”. There are people who start to take this opportunity to act against his ignorant. they began to wash their friends bodies with mud. This led to the celebration of mebuug-buugan be exciting and full of fun. after the war sludge is completed, then carried cleansing by bathing in the Kedonganan beach in the west of the village of Kedonganan.


Fun atmosphere during Mebuug-buugan


Mebuug-buugan comes from the word buug in balinese that means soil or mud. Which has meaning in contact with the soil using soil or sludge media. It is not separated from the process in which they are throwing or smeared mud on their bodies. This tradition is basically meaningful philosophical and is still associated with Nyepi This tradition has actually been done since the 1920s. However, due to the eruption of Mount Agung Bali in 1963 and then the massacre in 1965, this tradition stopped. Since 2015, residents carry out the tradition of Mebuug-buugan.


One of participant do funny pose when Mebuug-buugan

Environtmental message

Despite being a traditional rituals, mebuug-buugan also has a message for environment conservation. “The message was clear, the environment must remain so that we can keep doing this tradition,” said I Made Sudarsana, village board which also revive this tradition. According S2 alumni of Indonesian Arts Institute (ISI) of the Solo, since the first-buugan mebuug tradition always held in the middle of the mangrove forest. Forests in the eastern side of the village include Benoa Bay area will be reclaimed by PT Wahana Tirta Bali International (TWBI). Kedonganan Customary Village itself is one of approximately 20 indigenous villages in southern Bali, which had rejected the reclamation plan. Residents are also conducting several actions refuse reclamation plan Benoa Bay alone as well as in the village of Bali Reject Reclamation People’s Forum (ForBALI).


Teenagers unfurled the banners of Benoa bay reclamation rejection during Mebuug-buugan held

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