History Of The Holy Snake In Tanah Lot

img_5908In the 16th century Tanah Lot Temple was built by a brahmin who wanders from Java, namely Danghyang Nirartha who succeeded in strengthening the belief of the Balinese population of Hindu teachings and building Sad Kahyangan, but Tanah Lot ruler named Bendesa Beraben felt jealous of him because his followers started going To follow Danghyang Nirartha. Then Bendesa Beraben ordered Danghyang Nirartha to leave Tanah Lot.

Danghyang Nirartha agreed, but before he left the lot he moved a boulder to the middle of the beach and built the temple there by his magic. Then he changed the scarf he wore into a snake as a guardian of the temple. This snake is said have a four times greater than the venom of cobra. The color of this holy snake are black and white like zebra’s color. But,Local people call that color with the title of poleng is a blend of black and white. And this snake still exists and believed to be the guardian of the Tanah lot Temple.



There are two guards in this place. After asking you to make a voluntary donation, a man dressed in white shows a small hollow sand dune. Inside the hole there are two holy serpents. With the help of the handler, visitors may stroke this snake. The guards  said, Hindus people believe, by praying while holding this snake, their desire will be realized.




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