Attending The Biggest Festival In Bali

Legian beach which is a one of tourist destination everyone must visit when in Bali, and known as a the most crowded tourist destination full with bars, shops, hotels , restaurants, cafes ,and nightclub. Make Legian beach become as an organizer of the Legian beach festival for every year. Advertisements

Why Balinese Does The Cremation Tradition

Bali which is mostly Hindu, has a cremation ceremony called as Ngaben. In Bali burning corpses is a sign that family members are sincere with the departure of other family members and a purification event of the deceased person to restore the body element to the natural element.

Uluwatu’s Legendary

Single Fin Cafe & Bar Single Fin is Café & Bar that will giving you the wonderful experience in your journey to explore Bali, especially in Uluwatu area.There is also souvenir and surf shop where you can buy some souvenir for your lovely person or just really need some surfing equipment or maybe just want…

Culinary Cozy Atmosphere

Cozy Atmosphere The Straw Hut is a restaurant where you can find the cozy atmosphere and rock up with your friends, family, or that special someone. The restaurant is owned by a family. They’re a family owned restaurant and their menu basically consists of their favorite dishes that they’ve curated from around the world.