4 Balinese Traditional Dances

Besides of its nature, Bali is also famous for its traditional cultures and arts, one of them is Traditional Dance. Bali has variety of Traditional Dances that are used for various purposes such as religious ceremonies, welcoming guests, and also on art performances. Below will be explained 4 Balinese Traditional Dances. Advertisements

Cem-Cem Balinese Healing Jamu

For you who have been visited Indonesia,you probably already know with traditional beverage Indonesia which is made from spices,traditionally processed and served in a simple cup ,as known as “jamu”. But,have you ever tried drink jamu? Yes,jamu known as has a bad taste,bitter,sour and tasteless. Because,in the making processed,Jamu not using any artificial sweeteners.

Schedule To Watch Kecak Dance In Ubud

The most traditional dance in Bali is Kecak dance. As we know mostly traditional dance accompanied with music instrument,but this kind of dance is not accompanied with any music instrument but using their own mouth by saying “cakk..cakk..” as their music. Sounds strange,but unique.

Largest Temple In Bali

Bali is one of the must visit cities while you are in Indonesia, besides present a beautiful natural,also the majority of its inhabitants Hindus make Bali different from other tourist destinations. Bali has a variety of unique temples and cultures.


Introduction If you are first time visit to the island coincided with the celebration of Galungan and Kuningan, you will find an