Learning Some Balinese Language

If we are traveling somewhere, it would be great if we know some words in the local language. Just how to greet, say sorry, and say thank you will show our attitude that we are appreciate their culture. Advertisements

Mekotekan Tradition

The Mekotek or Ngerebeg ceremony is held on Saturday Kliwon Kuningan or on exactly the same day with Kuningan day celebration, which is hel every 210 days. The term “mekotekan” came from the parade and the war-like-play, using a stick which is hit or beaten to the other stick and produces the sound “tek..tek..tek…” This…

Balinese Hindus People Will Celebrate Siwaratri

Bali is dominated by Hindus People and many holy days. If you visit Bali during your holiday, you will find many holy days which was celebrated by Balinese Hindus People. Balinese Hindus Holy day is consisted by 2, the holy day based on the wuku or Balinese week and it held every 210 days like…

5 Facts of Balinese People You Never Know

Bali is the famous tourist destination in the world. Every tourist knows about Bali and they usually come to this paradise island to enjoy unique cultures, delicious food and talk to Balinese people. Balinese people are very kindly, and I will give you 5 facts about Balinese people.